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Dr. Orlando Llorente MD

Dr. Orlando Llorente, MD is one of our highly awarded board certified plastic surgeon. He has received such honors as Health grades Honor Roll. Dr. Llorente graduated from the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine in Washington D.C. and is a highly experienced and educated Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Llorente has multiple specialties, and is an exact model of the level of excellence we look for in our surgeons. His most notable specialties include Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck.

Before graduating from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington D.C. in 1999, Dr. Orlando Llorente attended such recognized undergraduate schools as Barry University School of Graduate Studies and the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences.

Following his graduation, he remained an intern at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital Weil Cornell Medical Center, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Finishing his time as an intern, Llorente went onto finish his residency first at the Washington Hospital Center until 2003, and then at the University of Missouri in 2007. Lastly, he attended Northwestern University as a fellowship hospital until 2008.

Throughout his education and career, Dr. Llorente has been recognized multiple times for his outstanding work in the field of plastic surgery.


Board Certifications

American Board of Plastic Surgery


Howard University College of Medicine

Medical Training

Fellowship: Dow / Clive O Callender

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Awards & Recognitions

As you might already know, Miami, Florida is one of the top places where people travel to in order to receive top of the line, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as well, as cosmetic procedures that are non-surgical. Here at New Life Plastic Surgery we offer patients cosmetic procedures with the highest technological advances conducted by board certified surgeons that have impeccable reputations and credentials in this industry.

Recognition from the Health grades Honor Roll

Recognition from the Dow & Clive O Calendar Fellowship in 1997

Awarded with the Dr. M Wharton Young Prize in 1999

Awarded the Dr W Montague Cobb Prize for Excellence in Anatomy in 1999

Recognition from the Roche-Robinson Fellowship in 1998

Awarded the Mcgraw-Hill Book Award in 1996

Awarded the Dr J Gregory Memorial Award in 1997

Awarded the Howard University Trustee Scholarship in 1999

Recognition from the Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Medical Society in 1998

Awarded the Department of Pharmacology Award in 1999

Awarded the Merck Manual Award in 1999

Recognition from the University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics in 2003

Awarded the Dr Luther D. Robinson Award in Psychiatry in 1997

Awarded the Granady Award for Excellence in Medicine in 1999



He did an amazing job on my breast. I had a breast lift/reduction with silicone implant 3 weeks ago. His suturing work is amazing, no scars was left around my new areola. My healing thus far has been great! I have 405cc in each my old breast size was a 34DD.


My results from my surgery are way better then I could have ever hoped for. I look amazing!!! Dr. Llorente is truly an extraordinary surgeon and an artist at what he does. I am very very pleased with my entire experience from pre-op to post-op. I will definitely refer friends and family to Dr Llorente and return myself for my breast augmentation!!


I was looking for the doctor that will be very selective with his patients, that will be responsible and that will explain every detail of the surgery with me. He was very clear since the beginning letting me know all the pros and cons about my BBL. Dr Llorente carefully discussed every concern I had and gave me the best advices. He modeled my body to be just perfect. He got magic hands !!!!!