Breast Reduction
A breast reduction takes out the excess tissue from the chest area while removing skin that causes sagging so your new bra size will be proportionate with the rest of you. The surgery also alleviates shoulder pain as well as many other physical ailments caused by larger-than-normal breasts, such as breathing difficulties and chronic headaches due to being hunched over constantly when walking; posture is improved allowing for better lung capacity after a successful procedure.
What are the benefits of Breast Reduction?

There are a lot of benefits to having a breast reduction carried out, and we generally tend to think of these as physical and psychological.

In terms of physical, the most obvious benefit is to have the size of the breast reduced. We generally tend to agree with the client before having the surgery in terms of which size they like to be after the procedure.

In terms of psychological benefit, the social stigma is often removed, and people find this much more comfortable when they tend to interact socially.

Who needs Breast Reduction?
There is really no defined size where women will benefit from a breast reduction, but most women that come to see us often complain that the size of the breast is interfering with clothing, body posture, and daily activities. They also have other physical symptoms in terms of the inability to be able to exercise.
What is the breast reduction surgery duration?

The procedure itself is carried out under general anesthetic. It takes around two and a half to three hours, and most of the clients tend to go home the same day.

Do’s and don’ts after Breast Reduction

There are very few don’ts after this procedure. Doctors recommend not to do any heavy lifting or exercise for two weeks after surgery. Most of the customers worried about severe pain after surgery. In fact, the procedure is very well tolerated.

In terms of do’s, we generally tend to advise clients immediately after the surgery to take some relatively light painkiller and to wear a sports bra for six weeks after the surgery.

What does Breast Reduction surgery involve?

From the simplest end of the spectrum, the operation can involve liposuction. We tend to use these in women who don’t need the breast position changing and who need small decreases in the breast volume.

This surgery is also functional in women who have a tendency to form bad scars. Most clients require a formal breast reduction, which involves an anchor-shaped scar.

The real advantage of this technique is that as well as actually reducing the size of the breast, can also combine that with an uplift. The position of the nipple can be decided between the doctor and the customer.

Most of the operations require a general anesthetic, and most of the clients have the procedure carried out as a day case, and so they can leave the hospital the same day.

Recovery process for Breast Reduction

In terms of recovery from a breast reduction, most clients would be able to shower the day after the surgery. The dressings are removed in two weeks, and at that point, the wounds are completely healed. The clients are then required to wear sport-bras for a further four weeks. After that, they go and get measured for a new bra.

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