Tummy Tuck

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frequently asked

The tummy tuck operation usually lasts about three hours.

There are some variations from customers to clients, depending on their size and what they are looking for since the operation is tailored individually.

In the vast majority of our patients, we try to keep them with their original belly button. The only difference is when we pull the skin down after taking out the skin bellow, we’ll make a new little or like a new window for the belly button to poke out of, so patients will keep their own belly button, just has a new window for it to come out of and be exposed to the outside world.

The scars left behind are usually very minimal and will fade with time as long the patient is diligent about their post-op care. However, not every patient heals in the same manner, but if made by an expert surgeon, the tummy tuck scars are usually worth it, as the shape of the body and quality of life will improve significantly.

Liposuction and tummy tucks are two of the most common procedures performed on a person’s midsection. Liposuction is all about getting rid of fat, whereas tummy tucks tighten up skin that has become loose after weight loss or pregnancy.

Liposuction removes excess fat cells from your body by sucking them out through small incisions in the abdomen; this leaves behind healthy muscle tissue so there’s less chance for visible scarring post-procedure than with traditional surgical methods like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

But while both types of surgeries reduce waist size and improve abdominal appearance, they differ largely.  Liposuction is a less invasive procedure than tummy tuck and can be performed using local anesthesia, while tummy tuck requires general anesthesia and an overnight stay in the hospital. In tummy tucks, surgeons cut through skin on your abdomen to remove excess fat tissue from beneath it before pulling and getting rid of that extra skin. If the clients lost a lot of weight, tummy tucks may offer more dramatic results than liposuction.

A tummy tuck won’t change anything and it doesn’t have any effect on your ovaries or uterus which means you can still get pregnant just as easily after surgery. However, doctors recommend waiting until after finishing having all the children planned, so it does not affect the aesthetic results of the tummy tuck.

Stretch marks are an unfortunate side effect of rapid growth. These stretchy band-like lines can form around the abdomen, hips and thighs as a result of skin that tears deep at its surface due to stretching over too much area. Though it may be difficult to successfully remove them all from these areas (most often below the belly button), there is always room for improvement through a tummy tuck. However, the amount of skin that can be cut away from the abdomen is limited, so only stretch marks on excised skin are removed.

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