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As you might already know, Miami, Florida is one of the top places where people travel to in order to receive top of the line, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as well, as cosmetic procedures that are non-surgical. However, with so many choices, you can become overwhelmed when choosing a plastic surgery facility and/or doctor for your plastic surgery procedure. Here at New Life Plastic Surgery we offer patients cosmetic procedures with the highest technological advances conducted by board certified surgeons that have impeccable reputations and credentials in this industry.

    Why Choose New Life Plastic Surgery?

    • We are located in the heart of Miami in a spacious and comfortable local.
    • Experienced, talented and successful, Board Certified Surgeons.
    • Accommodating and welcoming customer service/relations.
    • Top Technological Advances.
    • Highly regarded credentials and high success rate.
    • Highly trained and knowledgeable staff.
    • Expert surgeons in a broad scope of cosmetic procedures.
    • Cosmetic Surgical Procedures and Non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
    • And much more!

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Some of the Things Our Past Patients Have to Say

"In my late 20’s I began suffering from really bad acne that got worse. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. A friend recommended that I get Microdermabraison treatments, at which point I had nothing to lose. Little did I know, that Miami New Life would not only get rid of the horrible acne, but also make me look so much younger! Thank you New Life for giving me back my face, my life and my self-worth."

Britney Silverman

"Being overweight for most of my life weighed me down in more ways than the obvious. I am so happy that I put myself under the care of Miami New Life. Since I had various Lipo procedures and a Tummy Tuck, I feel better than I ever have before and for the first time- I can look at myself in the mirror and feel fabulous. Thanks Miami New Life Plastic Surgery."

Debra Alberti

"I’ve hated and hid my earlobes all my life. Finally, at 35 I made the decision that would turn my life around. I decided to get Earlobe repair, cosmetic surgery at New Life Plastic Surgery. I no longer have to hide my ears. I feel free from myself and feel better than ever before. They did an excellent job. These guys are artists. My earlobe repair operation looks entirely natural and beautiful!"

Laura Cruz

"All my life, I was over weight. Throughout my life I tried many different diets and exercise regiments, but never received the results that I wanted, that is until I had Liposuction done. I feel like a completely new person, as I now have the confidence to be myself, without a negative perception of my physique. Thank you New Life Plastic Surgery!"

Roy McGuire